Approximations – a 24/7-performance with Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic 26 Oct – 2 Nov 2015

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Layers of Performance on four evenings at the Situation Room@CHB.

Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic unfolding a 24/7 performance about the layers and traces of working and living together for 168 hours in a long-duree-performance.

Curated by Kata Krasznahorkai

At Collegium Hungaricum (CHB) Berlin Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic embark on a 24/7 artistic enquiry in which they will deepen the sharing of working methods across disciplines. From 24 October until 1 November Dragicevic and Sonderkamp will inhabit the premises of the CHB for 24 hours daily.

Their research is motivated by the question: How to crack open the divide between body and space? What happens during their 168 long working process will be woven into the performance. Choreography and space are thought of as intertwined, entangled and are being developed reciprocally: one cannot grow without the other.

Dragicevic and Sonderkamp will fabricate maps of concrete spaces and transfer the containing spatial properties, physical memory and affective resonances into the performance space. These maps are arranged in layers, allowing the performers to navigate between these superpositions. Movement and visual design are motivated by remembering,rebuilding, drawing, touching, tracing and imprinting.

Spaces extend into the body, the body unfolds itself onto space, leaving transient and concrete traces, visual and bodily. These traces produce maps alongside which the performers arrange choreography, objects and their bodies, marking their passage through space-time. Each performance leaves its distinct marks in space, each consecutive performance uses the preceding one as a starting point and superimposes new layers of marks and traces.

The performances can be attended on each night separately but in order to witness the whole piece it is recommended to join the performances each night consecutively from the 29th October – 1st November.

Since 2014 Martin Sonderkamp and Darko Dragicevic work together as an artist duo. In their artistic dialogue they aim at the development of a shared practice between dance, choreography and visual art, resulting in the performance Task 14, the video works Zone, Somniac and the workshop format frames : [everyday] which they co-taught at Tanz Quartier Wien and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. As artists in residence at JSKD, Ljubljana they have collaborated with dramaturge Jasmina Zaloznik and during a residency at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne they have exchanged working practices with architect Milica Lopicic. As a common point of interest, both artists explore the conditions under which relations between space and bodies are conceived, exploring how spaces unfold toward an inside and how bodies affect a spatial outside.