The STATE by Alexander Manuiloff in the project series GREY ROOM | Critique & Culture e.V.


The State | a performance by Alexander Manuiloff @ Ballhaus Ost, Berlin | in the project series GREY ROOM by Critique&Culture

translated by Hannes Becker | curated by Kata Krasznahorkai

Alexander Manuiloff’s “The State” challenges the system “theatre” – and is a concept with a text without actors or a director.

It explores the topics of how we build societies, how democracies function, whether there are agents-destructors and what it takes to cooperate with others.

It also tells the story of a real Bulgarian man who burnt himself and died 2013 in a protest against the system.

His act triggered a wave of self-immolations in Bulgaria and stands for the desperation of a whole generation, as the latest news on Piotr S. showed, who self-immolated himself 2017 out of a protest against the right-wing government in Poland.
venue : Ballhaus Ost | Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin
tickets : 030 440 39 168 | |