Artists & Agents. Performance Art and the Secret Service


Exhibition curated with Sylvia Sasse and Inke Arns at HMKV Dortmund

Sylvia Sasse/Kata Krasznahorkai (ed.): Artists&Agents. Performancekunst und Geheimdienste, Spector Books, 2019.

A comprehensive book with many essays, original documents and never-before-published state-security reports on performance art is coming out at the end of October by Spector Books.

Subversion does not belong to anyone. It can come from artists who outsmart the state, or from intelligence services that infiltrate the art scene with a government mandate. But what happens when both sides meet?

Since the opening of the former State Security Archives in many Eastern European countries, this interaction can be studied in detail. The book shows in scientific essays and artistic contributions how the secret police supervised happenings, performance art and action art, debated the new art form, which not only documented the artistic actions in detail and forensically, but also manipulated and tried to prevent them with counteractions , The book also shows how artists dealt with the potential gaze of the secret police and how they work with the material stored in the intelligence archives today.


Zensiert & Verfolgt: Kultur unter Druck


29 March 2019 | Mellon Symposium | John B. Hurford `60 Center for the Arts & Humanities, Haverford College, PA

Mellon Symposium Haverford College

Subverting the State’s Policing Gaze: Genealogies of Surveillance

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