10-11 Dec 2018 | Workshop | Offenes Berlin

Doing Participation

16 Dec 6PM 2018 |Kunstverein Potsdam |Artist Talk with Borsos Lőrinc  in Potsdam on the occasion of the exhibition

If you are manipulated, manipulate back!


8 March 2019 | Panel Discussion on the occasion of the exhibition at the Albertinum Dresden

Medea muckt auf. Radikale Künstlerinnen hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang


29 March 2019 | Mellon Symposium | John B. Hurford `60 Center for the Arts & Humanities, Haverford College, PA

Subverting the State’s Policing Gaze: Genealogies of Surveillance


Fall 2019 | HMKV Dortmund | exhibition and book curated and edited with Inke Arns and Sylvia Sasse

Artists & Agents. Performance Art  and the Secret Services


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