Towards Approximations / Stutter / DAY 2

Darko Dragicevic:

Berlin, May 24th 2015

– 2 da days ago – When there is unpleasant quietness during a conversation, I…

then I feel I should look @ in their eyes but I…

then the words come out lo loudly and turn to repetition. At least twice.

– 2 days ago – When he doesn’t look me in the eyes while I’m talking and bows moves his head down I feel my words are worth worthless


– 1 day ago – I always want to come back when I le leave his place in anger.

In I Before I open the door to step out I…

expecting the sounds of his footsteps from the living room running after me.

But that doesn’t happen anymore.

today – A sparrow is pushing the tree branches down.

The wind pulls them in the opposite direction.


16.15 – page 78 Unnamed Dragonfly Species from well then there now by Juliana Spahr

as the story goes on makes me it harder and harder for me to breath.

I feel I cannot finish. (von Tr

(The same effect as von Trier’s Melancholia)

tomorrow – Things should be said more largely than the personal way.

Things are larger than the personal way of telling.

Intimate confession is a project.

Confession’s structured plan of percents and regulations.

Sonnets from well then there now by Juliana Spahr


Martin Sonderkamp:


a musical error tickling the the muscle of the tongue,

bit by bit

percussive faults

I lolololololove you.

who came up with the idea that such a person, the one who stutters, is idiotic, retarded, laughable?

I guess one learns to become patient when talking to a stutter-er

I stutter

in disbelief

I want to

utter, articulate

the way I feel

I can see stutter as a wonderful way to choreograph. Turning stuttering into a strategy.

Articulating gestures, postures over and over until one get’s it right.

I love the moments when someone is trying to articulate while thinking, when words aren’t quite yet what they ought to be. when they change while being spoken…